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    Wednesday, February 8, 2017

    Supply Chain Integration



    • Effective supply chain management (SCM) has become a potentially valuable way of securing competitive advantage and improving organizational performance.
    • Supply chains, which work more efficient and create more value, will be ahead in the competition.

    The goal of SCM is to integrate both information and material flow across the supply chain as an effective competitive weapon.
    To evaluate impact of supply chain management in corporate performance requires two things: 
    • Competitive Advantage
    • Organizational Performance


    • To analyze the impact of the supply chain integration on corporate performance.

    •To analyze the different methods for measuring supply chain performance and supply chain efficiency.

    • To analyze the factors the influence supply chain efficiency.

    Factors influencing the supply chain efficiency

    •  Idle time in the supply chain
    •  Infrastructure availability and utilization
    •  Transport productivity
    •  Methods of freight handling
    •  Throughout, lead time and utilization of the supply chain
    •  Customer satisfaction
    •  Labour
    •  Communication throughout the supply chain
    •  Damage to goods and pilferage in the supply chain
    •  Imbalance in cargo flows
    •  Documentation required throughout the supply chain

    Scoreboard balanced Method

    The scoreboard balanced method is a method has been recognized as a possible alternative for the first stage of the model. This is a multi-stage approach first converts the mission and the vision of the company in key areas of the setting of targets in each key area and finally developed plans to achieve all the objectives.
    • The Customer
    • The Innovation
    • Financial Perspective


    The  aim of  this report  is to explore  different aspects of supply chain integration (attitudes, patterns, and practices)  and their  relationship with performance under    different business conditions.

    •The   impact of the supply chain on corporate performance can be evaluated with the help of rendering a check on the organizational functions and also with the help of competitive advantage of the individual firms.

    The impact of Supply Chain Integration PDF.  Download Here

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